Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

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Popular for over fifty centuries in China and India before taking the world by storm, green tea is now the second most consumed drink, right behind water. Green tea is now proving to positively impact our health in many ways.


green tea benefits


Green tea has less caffeine than soda or coffee. It tastes delicious and is available in many flavors and blends like Mint, Jasmine, and Vanilla, as well as Sencha or Gunpowder.


Green teas are subtle and appeal to the varied tastes of tea drinkers everywhere.


Green Tea tastes wonderful. Even children can have a cup of tea, and begin incorporating this healthy drink into their lives.


While each person differs, some recommend you not exceed six cups of tea a day, while other reports state you can enjoy up to twenty. The scientific community supports green tea, so enjoy!


scientists supports green tea


How is green tea good for me?


Perfect for dieters, green tea has catechins that are thought to suppress fat (lipid) absorption in your body.


In some studies, green tea has been shown to help balance your insulin levels. Green tea promotes fat burning by increasing your metabolic rate.


Along with reducing cholesterol and burning fat, green tea also acts as an appetite suppressant by turning off the signal that tell you you’re hungry,


Become healthier from the inside out with green tea because it is rich in anti-oxidants that destroy free radicals in your body. These free radicals can damage your cells as well as your DNA, leading to premature aging. It also increases our risk of diseases.


Tea catechins are some of the most powerful anti-oxidants around. Tea is thought to prevent many diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.
Green tea is considered a better source of catechins than black tea is because it is processed differently. Black tea is fermented, while green tea is unfermented leaving the catechins natural and more beneficial.
Who wouldn’t want younger looking skin? Green tea provides luminous skin by promoting collagen production in your body, the magic “elasticity” that makes your skin more supple and youthful.


The anti-oxidant in green tree that works this magic is called EGCG. This antioxidant is more powerful than vitamin C or E, some reports believe up fifty times more powerful, in healing your skin of damage while protecting it against future damage.


green tea



What is the right way to take green tea?


Smaller and looser tea leaves allow for a quicker infusion or you may use a teabag. It is recommended to prepare your tea using boiling water, as this will release extraction of the polyphenols.

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Don’t drink your green tea scalding, because it can harm your digestive system…along with burn your tongue! Take your green tea when it is comfortable to drink.


While you can enjoy it either hot or cold, make sure never to over-brew your tea. The chemical composition will change with each infusion and your tea will taste bitter.


benefits of drinking green tea


What does Science say about green tea?


Studies from Japan have indicated those who drink three to four cups of green tea a day are much less likely to develop potentially fatal diseases and illnesses, such as heart disease.


Reports from Great Britain show that during weight loss, green tea improves the variance of insulin levels.


Additional studies there show that green tea can help with fat oxidation in our bodies. Green tea increased fat oxidation by 17%.


The Chinese have believed for thousands of years that green tea is a wondrous thing of nature that can increase our body’s health and help us to function better. Through research Science is now finding this to be true.


the benefits you can get


Why enjoy a cup of tea?


Well, green tea is delicious, but there are also proven benefits of enjoying a cup. For one, your eyes and skin will be kept vibrant and young.


Also, by drinking green tea you can really benefit your weight loss plan. After including green tea into your diet, you will notice renewed energy, and will feel less tired.


All natural, green tea contains nutritional vitamins. The beauty of this tea is that it contains important nutritional vitamins, helps to increase the metabolism rate of your physique, provides you energy and cleanses your body of harmful free radicals.


You will feel and look great, inside….and out!

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