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A good green tea is so much more than just a green tea. After all, green tea is probably as close to a wonder drug as exists in nature, given the huge range of benefits that can be drawn from consuming it regularly. The best green tea brand, then, is the one that allows those who drink it to make the most of what green tea offers while still making it a pleasant, soothing experience to drink the tea.


Judged by that standard, it is clear that Tava Tea is the best green tea brand. Here’s a brief explanation of how to arrive at this conclusion: Taste First things first: no one wants a green tea that forces you to plug your nose before drinking and then choke down fast. One of the benefits of tea overall is that it is a calming experience. It gives your mornings a boost and your nights an air of relaxation. Tava Tea makes the most of this. It smells good, tastes good and could be considered a positive experience if drinking the tea was all that you got out of it and nothing else.


Compare this to other brands: many of them, such as Green Tea Fat Burner, come in capsules that may make you are consuming medicines more so than tea. Others leave a bitter aftertaste or require copious amounts of cream and sugar to be pleasant. This is definitely a point for Tava Tea. Weight Loss Impact Whether you have five pounds to lose or fifty, it can be hard drop excess weight. A good green tea aids in this process – at least, it should. Some tea brands make big promises about how much weight you can lose and do everything they can to convince you to drink their product right now. However, having tested some of these products, it is safe to say that they do not always work.


Sometimes, the only weight loss-oriented result you experience is a full stomach from gulping down so many cups. This is generally due to the quality of the tea leaves brewed. Tava Tea, however, has a special, proprietary blend that helps it to stand out in a crowd. The pounds actually fall and the scale becomes a friend instead of an enemy.


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Overall Experience The overall experience is improved by the fact that in a sea of brands which are increasingly processed, Tava Tea is organic, coming right from nature. Because of this, it helps to clean toxins out of your body. This stands in comparison to other brands, which may even add toxins in. It has even been certified organic by the USDA, so you know the claims are justified and not just talk. Yet another marker of success may found in the high number of testimonials – people who have tried the Tava Tea experience, compared it to other brands, and found it clearly superior. But everyone should prove for themselves that Tava Tea is the best green tea available.

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Tava Tea

- Oolong, Pu-erh and Sencha Teas
- Reduces Fattening Effect of Carbs
- 100% NATURAL, No Side Effects
- Guaranteed to help you lose weight

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