Green Tea and Weight Loss

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Green tea can be a life saver when you are trying to lose weight. It has helped many people, include those who are facing the long, difficult process of losing a significant amount of weight and those who are simply trying to erase the last five pounds before a big event.

Here are some of the ways that green tea contributes to weight loss.


green tea weight olss



Green tea is a natural and healthy source of caffeine – that miracle drug that supplies you with energy when you can barely drag yourself out of bed.

It doesn’t have too much, so you won’t be bouncing off the walls; however, with a couple of cups in your system you will likely be more willing to take that morning jog, hit the gym or even just fidget more (studies have shown fidgeting actually burns a significant number of calories).



Green tea can help with your weight loss efforts by jump starting a process known as thermogenesis. In thermogenesis, your body temperature rises and you start to burn off more calories. It is sort of like sitting in your local spa, steaming away your water weight, except with thermogenesis activated you can get the same results while doing other things – like working, shopping or clocking in your time at the gym.

The ability to multitask is crucial to weight loss, since many people abandon their efforts when their schedule gets too busy. It is always easy to sip on a warm mug of green tea.


Fill Your Stomach

This is perhaps one of the most straight forward benefits of any weight loss supplement: drinking tea helps fill up your stomach, so you will have fewer cravings and eat less food.

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To reap this benefit, drink a cup of green tea in the morning or whenever you feel like you are starting to crave food. Since it has a flavor, it is a little different than drinking plain water and may be more appealing to your palate.


green tea and weight loss


The easiest way to reap the benefits of green tea is simply to start making it. You can find either green tea leaves boil or a packet of tea at your local grocery store. Try to avoid adding too much sugar or honey to your green tea, as that could counteract the healthy benefits. If you must add something, consider a zero calorie sweetener such as Stevia or Splenda.

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