The Miracle of Green Tea

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Long used by the Chinese medicinally, the rest of the world is recently beginning to understand how truly miraculous green tea is.


Numerous research studies are catching up with ancient knowledge. While there are many health benefits of green tea, it is believed many more benefits will be discovered.




Green tea is only four calories

To truly understand how wondrous green tea is, consider the fact that research is finding benefits of green tea to include:

  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Immune system
  • Blood levels such as cholesterol and insulin
  • Eyes
  • Weight loss


What makes green tea so healthy for my…


Body –

You must begin by understanding free radicals. Free radicals are molecules in our bodies that can significantly lead to disease and illness. Not only do these free radicals increase our chances of developing a disease such as cancer, they can lead to premature aging, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s.


Green tea contains anti-oxidants that neutralize these free radicals before they can damage our bodies. In fact, green tea contains EGCG, one of the most powerful anti-oxidants, that is 100 times more powerful than many vitamins.


health body green tea


Hair and skin –

Green tea is able to influence your hair and skin because it contains collagen, the elasticity which can diminish as we grow older. The inclusion of green tea can provide illuminating skin as well as shinier, stronger hair. Green tea is even being included in anti-aging creams, as well as acne and rosacea creams. Some research indicates hair loss has also been reduced.


health skin and hair with green tea

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Blood levels –

A five year study conducted in Japan indicated green tea drinkers, over black tea drinkers, were far less likely to develop diabetes, type 2. In addition, drinking green tea can lower blood sugar (glucose) levels and stabilize insulin levels. Green tea also has been shown to lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL), while increasing good cholesterol levels (HDL), making it heart-healthy.


Eyes –

The leading cause of blindness worldwide is cataracts, a cloudiness or film that develops in the lens of the eye. A study found green tea had ‘anti-cataract’ potential. Additionally, a study done by Oxford in 2006 showed EGCG, contained in green tea, states green tea ‘may protect against macular degeneration and glaucoma,’ two severe eye diseases causing blindness.

eye green tea

Weight loss –

Green tea suppresses appetite cravings that make dieting difficult. In addition, green tea provides energy which can help propel dieters into regular physical activity. Green tea increases the metabolic rate, causing a greater degree of calorie burn.

A study conducted by the University of Geneva indicated that of those participants that drank five cups of tea a day, with no other changes made, those participants burned an extra 70-80 calories simply through thermo genesis from the EGCG contained in the green tea. It is believed green tea blocks the body’s absorption of fats. In 2008, a study by the University of Birmingham concluded participants who were given tea averaged fat oxidation rates that were higher than the control group by an amazing 17%.


weight loss green tea


How much green tea should I have?

While many cultures drink tea up to twenty times per day, this could make a person not used to that quantity a bit queasy! Reports vary – some indicate four to five cups a day is sufficient, while others claim ten cups a day provide benefits.
So, what is the ‘right’ amount? Most research seems to indicate four to five cups of green tea a day is probably safe. If you tolerate the caffeine well and wish to drink more, it has not yet been determined you would get more benefits with more drinking. There are also caffeine-free green teas, although they are not as full of benefits as regular green tea is. Whichever your choice, because green tea is so delicious, you may want to enjoy a cup frequently!


Are there any risks?

Green tea contains caffeine. But considering over 90% of Americans ingest some form of caffeine each day, the effects of green tea may not even be noticeable. You may experience insomnia when you first begin to drink it, until your body is used to the caffeine. Because green tea contains less caffeine than soda or coffee, usually the effect is minor.

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