Why choose Tava Tea?

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The mixture of Tava tea consists of a blend of three types of tea, but that’s where the association ends, when it comes to Tava tea against the usual types of green tea, you’ll find at various stores like Tesco, Sainsbury or any other local store or website.

Tava Tea is an exclusive merge of 100 percent organic ‘Sencha’, ‘Oolong’, and ‘Puerh’ species and thus, forms a blend which is not found elsewhere. It is accredited that these three varieties of tea contains great amounts of influential nutrients and have been used for thousands of years for health and healing purposes.

Tava Tea is completely organic with no pesticides involved. It uses only the premium and powerful tea leaves which makes it extremely powerful in the weight loss and healing process. Apart from this, Tava tea also aids in reducing stress and cholesterol levels.

‘Oolong’ (other name-Wu Long) Tea and ‘Puerh’ have both been used for more than 5000 years in China due to their healing and health supportive properties. But again these varieties of tea can vary in excellence, resilience and competence. Tava Tea uses the best possible Sencha, Wuyi Oolong & Puerh tea leaves and is enclosed in nylon bags of quality tea pyramid.

The Oolong used in the Tava tea, is one of the most stunning, influential and pricey, belonging to the family of Wuyi tea. Thus, with Tava tea you get to experience the benefits of this powerful and unique tea blend.

Tava Tea has actually made headlines around the world. It had even come up in the front pages of the Sunday Express. Tava Tea is truly a radical weight loss drink. The verity that there is no risk, with a complete money back assurance makes it a reason to be part of your weight reduction program.

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Tava Tea

- Oolong, Pu-erh and Sencha Teas
- Reduces Fattening Effect of Carbs
- 100% NATURAL, No Side Effects
- Guaranteed to help you lose weight

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